Anti Snap Locks

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A well-known method of entry by buglers or thieves to most homes or business premises is to snap the lock. Therefore, to prevent this, it is necessary to install an anti-snap lock. The bulk of burglaries take place through a door at the rear of a property, or occasionally the front door.

Although the multi-point locking points on your composite or UPVC doors are essential security features, it’s necessary to realise that they are all operated by the euro cylinder.  

Euro cylinders are at risk to Lock Snapping: if an inferior cylinder is compromised, all the other locking points are rendered useless since the cylinder is the weakest point.

Over time, burglars have attacked cylinders successfully in many ways, including picking, bumping, and drilling. Cylinder snapping is the most popular form of attack and the easiest for the burglar.

What is Cylinder Snapping? 

Cylinder snapping is a method which enables burglars to enter your business premises or home within few seconds by applying force to the cylinder to break it, and then tampering with the locking mechanism, which is now revealed.  

It does not need any special tools or skills and can leave your door at risk.

Protect Yourself against Lock Snapping 

Installation of a high-security cylinder is the best solution to preventing a cylinder attack. The door will remain secure even if the front part of the lock is broken off,  as the middle part of an anti-snap lock act as a hindrance to any tampering with the lock mechanism itself.

Cylinders awarded with the British Standard Institute kite mark, BSI 3 star - TS007 are the highest grade in the market.  This is a renowned standard for quality and safety products.

Grays Locksmiths Derbyshire is a stockist and service centre for Federal Ironguard series cylinders.  

These cylinders are of the best quality and meet the standards needed to prevent the lock snapping. These anti-snap cylinders are Sold Secure Diamond Grade, meaning they have attained the highest level of consent for lock cylinders from Sold Secure, a Master Locksmiths Association product test house.

The following are other characteristics of the Federal Ironguard Series include: 

  • Anti-pick
  • Anti-bump  
  • Sacrificial cuts
  • Anti-drill
  • Snap secure
  • Keyed alike/Master-keyed  
  • Patented trap pin design
  • Over 100,000 key combinations  
  • UCF 5-double pin system with magnetic pin  
  • Patented anti-snap molybdenum Ironguard connector  

Anti-snap locks enhance the security of your doors and guarantee peace of mind. With this solution, the conventional method of entry used by burglars won’t be useful on your home. 

To find out more about how you can benefit from anti snap locks, contact us or call our head office on 01332 404 255.