CCTV Installation Derbyshire

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At Grays Locksmiths, we are happy to provide a wide range of professional CCTV installation services across Derbyshire, to both domestic and commercial properties.  

What are the benefits of installing CCTV? 

An expertly installed closed-circuit television (CCTV) system can act as a powerful deterrent, as the merely visible presence of cameras in your premises or on your property is usually enough to make would-be criminals reconsider.  

Apart from that,  CCTV installation can also provide you with the necessary evidence required to recover your assets and seek justice in the event of a crime. 

Our clients have used our services to pursue convictions in instances of vandalism, fly tipping, theft, burglary, arson and assault.  

CCTV for homes and businesses

Our company has provided CCTV installation services to businesses such as distribution centres, schools, workshops, government buildings, shops, warehouses, and factories.  

We also supply CCTV systems to homeowners in need of the best in physical security. 

A bespoke solution 

At Grays Locksmiths Derby, we can design and implement a bespoke CCTV installation to suit all budgets and requirements. Depending on your needs, you can pick from our range of bespoke CCTV packages that may include:

  • Internet-connected systems – speedily and easily view CCTV on your smart device
  • Remote monitoring – have your cameras remotely monitored for a quick response to intruders 
  • Hard drive video recording – record and store large amounts of high-quality video
  • Motion activated push notifications – be alerted when motion is detected  
  • High definition – monitoring your property with crystal-clear images improves chances of facial recognition
  • Plug & play CCTV – off the shelf and cost-effective systems
  • Analogue systems – this system is cost-effective but provides lower resolution 

We will offer advice on how you can adequately protect your assets, from the best CCTV package that meets your specification to how best to place your cameras. Our comprehensive security solution helps you protect what is essential.  

To find out more about home or business video surveillance, call our team on 01332 404 255.