Home Safe Installation Derbyshire

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Grays Locksmiths Derby offers professional safe installation for your home to protect cash and valuable belongings. We usually install your safe within seven days of purchase.

Our expert team are adequately trained and will professionally install the safe in your home. Besides, the engineer will provide a detailed demonstration of how to use your new safe with a concise explanation of the electronic keypad and how to change your password. An instruction manual will also be given to you.

The following are types of safe that we install are:

  • Wall Safes
  • Floor Safes
  • Deposit Safes
  • Fire Safes
  • Free Standing Safes
  • Gun and Ammunition Safes

Home Safe Installation and Insurance

Nowadays, a lot of customers buys a security safe as an insurance requirement. However, we will professionally install the safe to guarantee that the safe complies with your insurers’ requests.

Our team will obey the manufacturer’s instructions when installing your safe, by not complying this could result in your insurer not covering any loss. Another critical feature to check is the cash rating of your safe to ensure that it will sufficiently cover your cash and possessions

Where Should You Install Your Home Safe?

  • A solid floor safe can add additional protection
  • A secret location in your home, such as a closet
  • Check the building plans to see if the wall will be able to stand the weight of a safe
  • The area needs to be free of electric wires and piping
  • Keep in mind that a safe used daily needs to be in a more convenient location than one accessed once every six months    

Are you looking to Buy a Safe and Need help?

Complete our contact form or call our Derbyshire team on 01332 404 255 to discuss buying a safe and your safe installation requirements. See our safes page to further information.