Window and Door Security Bars Derbyshire

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Windows and door security bars present a fixed barrier over points of entry when fitted; it also acts as a strong deterrent against any would-be intruders.

Nonetheless, around 80 percent of the door and window security bars we install are fitted after a break-in, when the crime has been perpetrated, and the damage has already been done.

Just like many things, when it comes to home and business security, prevention is always better than a cure. Do not wait until it’s too late – door and window security bars are most effective when used as a preventative measure.

Pick Grays Locksmiths Derby as your trusted providers and installers of the door and window security bars. Our security solutions are built to the highest possible standards, and many are “Secured by Design” products that have been recognised and approved by insurance companies.

Our window and door security bars are available in two main styles:

Industrial Window and Door Security Bars

These can be fitted externally or internally and present some seriously heavy-duty security. They are popular with shops and other commercial properties, but they are also usually found on such highly secure buildings as police stations and banks.

Decorative Door and Window Security Bars

These are made from heavy steel like the industrial security bars. So while they are every bit as secure and imposing, the addition of decorative wrought iron features make them more visually appealing. They can be installed either externally or internally, and they are typical for use in places where appearance is every bit as essential as security.

All door and window security bars are made to order and assembled locally to your exact specs. One of our experienced engineers will visit your property to take all the required measurements when working with us. They will then design a solution with your needs in mind, before undertaking the installation once your door and window security bars have been completed.

Since 1987, we have been one of Derbyshire’s foremost security specialists, and in that time we have installed door and window security bars in homes, offices, banks, and other business premises.

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