Security Key Cutting Services in Derby

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Grays Locksmith Derby is your best choice if you need security keys cut for your commercial property, home or business. We have a team of experts that can handle all security key cut services. The security key cutting services in Derby starts from low-level security keys to complex and sophisticated master suite system.

We provide you security and peace of mind by designing an elaborate master suite system according to your requirements. Also, we can cut security keys for mortice locks, padlocks, cylinder locks, and cabinet locks. 

Numbered Security Key Cutting

Our security key cutting service includes the registration of security keys. Security keys are registered to prevent unauthorised duplication. Our experts can cut keys to code, even when the original keys have been lost.

All you need to do is to provide us with documentation to prove the ownership of the keys, along with the unique code stamped on the front of the lock. This will enable us to provide you with replacement keys within a short time.

The marking on the lock or key can help us to identify the original supplier if you cannot provide proper documentation or if the keys are not registered to you or your business. We may even find out that the key is no longer registered. Whatever the case may be, our experts can help you to safely and securely install replacement locks.

Master Suite Systems

The use of a master key in conjunction with any number of subsidiary keys is known as the master suite systems. The subsidiary keys are programmed to be used in specific locks within a particular area while any lock will accept the Master key.

The master suite systems provide a reliable and dependable security solution. It is ideal for universities, schools, flats, offices and many more, where one person (the boss) will require access to all lock, while others (employees) will only have access to one or two locks. Master suite systems can be installed in both commercial and domestic properties to suit a diverse set of security requirements. 

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Our security key cutting service can include a visit to your property, where we will help you to design a master suite system by your budget and needs. For more information, call or contact us on 01332 404 255.