Window Security Grilles & Security Grilles for Doors

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Security grilles create a fixed barrier over points of entry when fitted on doors and windows while also acting as a strong deterrent against any would-be burglars. Unlike permanent security bars, security grilles for doors and windows can be retracted out of sight when not in use, allowing for easy entry and a less imposing appearance for businesses. 

Install Security Grilles before a Break-in

The statistics show that around 80 percent of the security grilles we install are fitted after a break-in. As is the case with other things, prevention is always better than a cure when it comes to business and home security.

Be aware and take action on time – security grilles will not return your stolen goods, and they will not repair your damaged property. Nevertheless, they will prove hugely useful when employed as a preventative measure.

Grays Locksmiths security grilles for doors and windows are available in a range of designs and colours. They are usually found in commercial properties and offices, where they have a significant advantage over security bars. They can be removed and stored out of sight when not in use. This means that business premises and offices can be airy, light, and pleasant places to work during the day, before changing into highly secure locked-down complexes by night.

Our Security Grilles Cater to You

Our security grilles are constructed to order and assembled locally to meet your exact specs.

All of our security solutions are made to the highest available standards, and several are “Secured by Design” products that have been recognised and approved by insurance companies, meaning that they can even result in cheaper insurance premiums.

Choose Grays Locksmiths Derbyshire, and one of our engineers will visit your property to take all required measurements before designing a solution with your requirements in mind. Also, they will undertake the installation once your security grilles for windows or doors have been completed.

Retractable security grilles - these are often found over doors and windows in office buildings or business premises where they are retracted during the working day and closed at night for extra security.

  • Choice Of Colours
  • Insurance Approved
  • Retractable Grilles
  • Heavy Industrial Construction

Choose Grays Locksmiths Derby as your trusted providers and installers of the window and door security grilles. Since 1987, we have been one of Derbyshire’s foremost security specialists, and in that time we have installed window and door security grilles for a diverse range of businesses, from bakeries to banks.

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