Boarding Up Service Derbyshire

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Grays Locksmiths offers boarding up services in and around Derbyshire. We understand that it is stressful and painful to have your property broken into, whether it is your workplace or home.

We advise that you give us a quick phone call so that we will be there to help board up your broken or damaged doors and windows. If you live in the Derby area, our dedicated team aim to be with you within the hour. We will make sure that your property is safe and secure so that it is not targeted further.

The following are benefits of Grays boarding up service:

  • Our engineers board up all types and sizes of windows and doors
  • Our team work quickly and efficiently to board up your property
  • We can fit temporary doors for all types of properties
  • We use 10 -12 mm sterling/oriented strand boards
  • Our team will ensure that no damage is done to the existing window and door frame
  • If your window glass is still partly in place, we will use safety film to hold the glass together to reduce further damage

Avoid larger problem that may arise due to leaving your broken door or window un-repaired and putting your property at risk from more break-ins and squatters. Therefore, we advise that you secure your property as soon as possible to reduce future risks.

As always, our team works to the highest industry standards and help to reduce the tension from a break-in. We also accept work covered by insurance dues.

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