Are smart locks or traditional locks safer?

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What are smart locks?

As their name suggests, smart locks are automated locks that can be controlled and operated over a wireless connection by a smartphone or similar device.

They can be integrated within a smart home security system, allowing the homeowner to use them in conjunction with other security measures like cameras or intruder alarms.

They use a similar locking mechanism to a traditional lock but have been designed to offer ease of use, automation and convenience to homeowners.

While they offer features which traditional locks can’t, people tend to invest in them for their looks and efficiency, rather than how secure they are.

What are the benefits of smart locks?

There are a few benefits with smart locks that you don’t get with traditional locks.

The main one is convenience.

For a start, with a smart lock, you don’t need a key.

If you have a smart security system, your locks can be integrated and controlled remotely by a mobile phone app, which is handy if you are in a rush and have forgotten to lock your front door. They can even alert you when this has happened.

They also look more stylish than traditional locks. This can serve as a visual deterrent to would-be intruders that a smart security system protects your home.   

What are traditional locks?

Unlike smart locks, which are powered by electricity, traditional locks have a manual locking mechanism which usually requires a key (or some other form of operation, such as a combination)  to engage it.

There are many different types of traditional locks available, all of which have different functions and applications.

Some of the more popular types of lock include cylinder locks, mortice locks, rim locks, Yale locks and deadbolts.

Most types of traditional locks are built, first and foremost, with security in mind. While they don’t offer many of the additional features that smart locks do, if security is your priority, then they are probably your best choice. 

What are the benefits of traditional locks?

In general terms, traditional locks tend to offer a higher level of security than smart locks.

They can also be more cost-effective while still offering a high level of security. For example, entry-level five-lever mortice locks, which provide a good standard of protection for external doors, usually start at around the £50 mark, whereas even a basic smart lock can set you back more than £100.

You can also buy traditional locks which are approved to British Standards, which can help lower your insurance premiums in some cases.

Are smart locks or traditional locks safer?

Many smart locks are created and marketed based on the convenience and ease of use they offer, rather than on their security credentials.

So, if you’re into your gadgets or want locks which look cool and can be integrated with a smart security system, then smart locks are a good bet.

However, when it comes to security, they’ve got some way to go before they can match up to traditional locks, which continue to set the standard.

So, if protection and peace of mind is your priority when it comes to choosing a lock, we would always recommend investing in a traditional lock, which meets BS standards.    

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