Visonic PowerMaster 30

Grays Locksmiths are trusted suppliers and installers of the industry-leading Visonic PowerMaster 30.

This is among the most technologically advanced alarm systems available today, and is perfect for those looking for an advanced security solution for their home or business.


Provide Maximum Protection For Your Home Or Business With The Visonic PowerMaster 30


The Visonic PowerMaster 30 delivers everything needed to ensure maximum protection of homes and business, including unmatched detection accuracy, long lasting reliability and system-wide hardiness.

Using PowerG wireless technology enables this system to remain a step above the competition, combining the reliability of wired systems with the benefits of wireless alarm systems.

Why Do You Need PowerG Wireless Technology?

PowerG is an advanced wireless technology developed by Visonic which has many benefits when it comes to your alarm system.

For example, the PowerMaster 30 system, using AES encryption, is extremely resistant to interference and wireless jamming, which can both limit the effectiveness of wireless systems.

It has a very large transmission range, which exceeds the industry standard.

Combine that with a battery life that will last up to eight years, and it becomes clear why the PowerMaster 30 leads the way in home and business alarm systems.

With a wide variety of extra devices, we can configure the system bespoke to your exact requirements.

Visonic Power Master 30 – Easy To Use Technology

Despite providing the most advanced wireless security available, this system is effortlessly easy to use, with a voice and LCD user interface.

VisonicGO is the mobile app which is paired with the PowerMaster system. By using IP connectivity, the app will connect with the PowerMaster interface, enabling the home or business owner to see inside their property from wherever they are, and make an informed decision about what to do next.

With unmatched detection accuracy, if an event is triggered, it can be sent to your device, or to a central monitoring station for visual verification.

Whether an alarm is triggered by intrusion, fire, panic or a safety device, the PowerMaster’s built in buzzers will also sound inside the property, potentially saving lives.

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