What are the benefits of a Smart Alarm System for my home?

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The popularity of smart home alarm systems is on the rise, with residents being as vigilant as ever when it comes to protecting their homes and belongings. But what are the benefits of having a smart home alarm system and why should you consider investing in one?

Crime is one of the biggest fears that many homeowners have.

Burglary can have a devastating impact, both emotionally and financially.

Although office Government figures show the long-term trend for burglaries in England and Wales has fallen sharply, down from 890,000 in 2003 to 380,567 in 2019, it remains a significant problem.

The question many homeowners ask themselves is, what do I need to do to keep my property safe?

Rapid advances in technology in recent years have helped to play a part in bringing the number of domestic burglaries down. Home alarm systems have become much more sophisticated – and affordable – than they used to be, giving homeowners a cost-effective way of preventing break-ins and deterring would-be thieves.

And the advent of wireless technology has given rise to the smart alarm system, which combines a full range of combines security, communication and configuration options into a single control panel, which can be operated remotely via a smartphone app for ultimate flexibility and peace of mind.

What is a smart home alarm system?

As its name suggests, a smart home alarm system is a fully integrated security system which includes a vast array of features to keep your home safe and secure.

Grays Locksmiths is a leading supplier and installer of the Visonic smart alarm system, which we believe is the most advanced and reliable burglar alarm system on the market.

An entry-level set-up includes a vanishing door contact, two passive infrared (PIR) sensors, a bell box, control panel and two remote handsets. It is perfect for providing a strong basic level of security for your home.

The best thing about the system, though, is that it can be expanded with a vast array of additional accessories to allow you to customise your system for your own needs.  

Optional extras include things like additional sensors or security cameras; smoke, gas or carbon monoxide detectors; extra sirens; outdoor motion detectors and even tools to monitor flood, temperature and curtain movement, allowing you to create the ultimate home security system.

Best of all, because all the modules are IP-based, they are easy to expand and can alert you via your smartphone should the alarm trigger.

And if you have PIR cameras installed, you can even see what’s happening in your home via a dedicated mobile app.

And with optional call centre monitoring from just £8.50 a month, you can have complete peace of mind, knowing that wherever you are, your home is being monitored.

The benefits of a smart home alarm system

So, we now know what a smart home alarm system is, but what are the benefits of having one. And, more importantly, can you afford to be without one?

Here is our guide to the benefits of a smart home alarm system:

‘Build your own’ bespoke system

Depending on your budget, you can pretty much build a smart home alarm system to suit your needs. At Grays Locksmiths, a basic Visonic set-up costs just £425 + VAT, but there are a host of optional extras including additional PIR sensors and door contacts, tremor sensors, and panic buttons, to help you build the ultimate security system, which you can monitor from anywhere in the world via the smartphone app.

A greater degree of control

Because smart alarm systems are wireless, integrated and can be controlled remotely, they give you a greater degree of control over how they are monitored and operated. And for added piece of mind, you can opt for additional monitoring by our dedicated call centre team to ensure that even when you are not around, your property is always being looked after by our security experts.

Monitor and operate on the go

With a smart home alarm system, you don’t need to be anywhere near home to operate any of the features. By utilising mobile technology, it means that you can switch your system on and off remotely, view the feeds from any security cameras you may have, or even power your lights, locks or any other integrated features, all with just a swipe of your touchscreen.

This can be especially useful while you are away on holiday, as you can give the impression that someone is home.

Easy to install

Because a smart home alarm system is completely wireless, there’s no need to drill holes through walls and run cables through your property, making it easy to both install and maintain.

You can even do it yourself, although we recommend using our expert services for this, so we can install and test your system, iron out and problems and show you how to use it properly, to ensure you get the most out of it.

An interconnected home

The ‘Internet of Things’ is evolving all the time, allowing a fast-growing number of household equipment, tasks and applications to be controlled online.

Because all the communication modules within a smart home alarm system are IP-based, they can be easily integrated with other household applications, so you can create a fully-functioning ‘Smart Home’.

Interested in a smart home alarm system?

The digital revolution is here to stay, which means that the smart home alarm system is now within reach of most homeowners.

It’s an inexpensive way of protecting your home and your property.

Whether you’re looking for a basic set-up, the ultimate customised home security system or something in between, Grays Locksmiths can help.

We can install any Visonic system, no matter how elaborate, in just a few hours at a time that’s convenient to you.

Once we’ve installed and tested your system, we’ll give you a full demonstration of how to use it and leave you with easy-to-use wireless fob keys to ensure you don’t need to mess about remembering passwords or security codes.

And if you require further support or have any technical queries beyond that, our expert team is just a phone call away.

Interested? To find out how you can benefit from a smart home alarm system, fill out the contact form below or give us a call on 0115 942 2315.