What can I do to keep my home secure?

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A question we often get asked by customers here at Grays Locksmiths Derby is, what can I do to keep my home secure?

We are firm believers that prevention is better than cure.

By investing in additional security measures, such as a home alarm system, better locks and lighting and even home CCTV, you can avoid the cost – and the heartache – that a break-in can bring.

Although the long-term trend for domestic burglaries in the UK is falling, there are still around 400,000 reported home break-ins every year.

Unfortunately, people often don’t realise until it’s too late just how easy it is to keep their home secure, by following a few simple steps.

So, if you are a homeowner, we have pulled together a handy list of tips to help you keep your home secure:

Home door security

One of the easiest ways for an intruder to enter your home is through the door. 

In fact, a door is the point of entry in an estimated 35% of all domestic home burglaries. So, don’t make it easy for any would-be burglars to break in that way.

Making sure you keep your doors locked at all times is paramount, as a surprising number of burglaries happen when doors are left open or unattended.

Beyond this, making sure your door frames and hinges are strong, that your locks conform to BS3621 and that the handles and mechanisms are working smoothly can help ensure they are protecting your property as they should.

Also, if you have just moved into your home, you might want to consider changing your locks for ultimate peace of mind.

Home window security

While doors are a common entry point for burglars, your windows are also an easy target.

Like with your doors, applying some common sense when it comes to window security can help prevent a lot of problems.

Don’t leave open windows unattended and if you are going out or on holiday, make sure they are all locked from the inside.

With some windows, the factory locks and latches may not be that effective. If you are concerned, you can bolster your security with additional locks and other security measures.

Roller shutters and security grilles might not look very appealing. But they can add an extra level of security to your home as well as providing a visual deterrent to would-be intruders.

And if you have a home alarm system, you can also install window sensors for added peace of mind.

Home security lighting

Burglars love the dark. It makes it easier for them to creep around undetected.

So, installing domestic security lighting in and around your home could help to keep intruders at bay by putting them in the spotlight.

Although additional lighting won’t make your home any more difficult to break into, it can provide a strong visual deterrent to anyone thinking of breaking in. They won’t want to do so if they are going to be in full view of your neighbours and any passers-by.

If your security lighting is motion-controlled, it can also give the impression that someone is home when they are not. Again, this helps to sow the seeds of doubt into the mind of anyone thinking of breaking into your property and might make them decide it’s not worth the risk.

Home garage security

While protecting your home and its belongings is essential, you should also take steps to secure your garage (or shed).

Apart from your car, you may use the extra space to store expensive garden equipment, bikes and other valuable goodies. And if your garage is attached to your house, it may be an easy route into your home for criminals to exploit.

So, make sure you have robust locks in place on all your outbuildings, and protect the windows with security shutters or grilles if necessary. You could even install external lighting, and if you have a smart security system, additional sensors or CCTV to keep these parts of your home safe and secure.

Home security alarm

If you’re concerned about crime in your area and want to make your home more secure, then a home alarm system is a must.

While it won’t necessarily make your home any more difficult to break into, there are several benefits to having a home alarm system installed.

Firstly, it can provide an excellent visual deterrent to anyone thinking of breaking in.

Secondly, in the event of a break-in, having an alarm, especially if it’s monitored, will lead to a more rapid response and increase the chances of detection. 

Finally, a smart home alarm system can be integrated with a host of other security measures, including CCTV, access control, automated lighting control and other applications, to build the ultimate home security system.

Home security safe

While a safe won’t make your home more secure, in the event of a break-in you can at least make sure that your valuable possessions such as jewellery, passports, car keys and smart devices are protected.

An in-home safe will give you a secure place to store high-value items and essential personal documents.

However, while having a safe is one thing, making sure it’s installed to make it difficult for burglars to steal it – and its contents, is another.

So, always seek advice from a professional locksmith before investing in a safe, as they will be able to recommend the best solution for your needs.

Home security Derby

As a trusted provider of home security solutions in Derby and across the East Midlands for many years, Grays Locksmiths Derby has helped thousands of happy customers to keep their homes safe and secure.

Whether you’re looking to boost the security of your locks and windows, invest in a home alarm system or install a safe, CCTV or security lighting, we can help.

We’ve been helping secure homes in Derbyshire against theft and burglary since 1987.

Grays Locksmiths Derby also provides additional services to secure your home further, including uPVC door repair and alarm installation.

So, if you want to make your home more secure, give us a call on 01332 404255 to find out how our friendly, expert team can help.